Dubai is famous for its unique architecture, amazing malls, and many world records. Life in Dubai is a dream of many. The luxury it provides and the entertainment is truly a dream. There are amazing apartments and villas in Dubai like District One Villas Dubai and Downtown city Villas. Dubai is not limited to only these, but the nightlife of Dubai is exotic and extravagant. The environment is safe yet it offers a wild experience. Dubai hosts the most popular club nights in the world. It is a home for many popular DJs in the world. The nightlife of Dubai is adventurous. The clubbing starts from Thursday since, in the middle east, Friday and Saturday are the considered weekends.

There are a lot of things you can enjoy in Dubai at night.


Marina is situated on the canal. It offers a series of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. One can also enjoy the yacht ride. It is an ideal place for couples who want to have a romantic walk, and then have dinner at one of those romantic restaurants. The place offers a beautiful view of buildings. There are also jogging tracks and cycling tracks.

The timings are 9 AM to 9 PM. The cost can be AED 600 for two peoples.


The place is a world-class resort. Apart from being a resort people here dress to impress. The place gets so busy at night, as it experiences an influx of customers. The streets at the place make it feel like a market. This is why the place is called “Madinat souk”. There are plenty of high-end restaurants, cafes, and a beautiful view of Burj Al Arab. You can also sail down the canal to have that amazing feeling. The place is aesthetic.

It is open 24/7. The cost for two people can be AED 130 to AED 180.


This is one of the most premier clubs in the world. It offers an amazing night party. It is made to attract the french audience, as the theme is made in the early 20’s french clubs, but the Lebanese audience is attracted the most. The people who come here are well dressed and party-loving people. A boudoir is a place for the people who want to party and throw their frustration away.

The timings of the club are 10 PM to 3 am, whereas the cost for the entry of the club is AED 340.


As the name suggests, the catwalk offers an amazing dance floor for the party freaks. There are many innovative drinks that one will surely enjoy. The people here are so friendly. The price is affordable. It has a good variety of music for the people who love to rock out. This is an amazing experience. Those who want to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai must visit this place once.

You can visit the place from 9 AM to 3 PM. The entrance can cost you around AED 350.


The amazing thing about this restaurant is the atmosphere, as the name indicates. It is located at the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. It is currently a record-breaking restaurant, being the world’s highest restaurant. The restaurant offers you tasty meals with an amazing atmosphere. There are other activities for the entertainment of the people. People come here for delicious food, elegant interiors, reasonable fares, top-class cuisine, and an amazing ambience.


The night club is made for the youth. The theme and the music here are oriented to attract the youth. The place gets so busy at the weekends due to the rush of youth, and love for the place. It is situated at DoubleTree JBR.

The vibes are amazing, hip-hop music, and refreshing mocktail.

The timings are from 6 PM to 3 AM. The cost for two people is around AED 400.

Dubai is an amazing place. People here live a luxurious life. The architecture of Dubai and the buildings are excellent. Unique places like Port De La Mer Dubai and The Dubai Mall have made their name in the list of amazing places to visit in the world.  The nightlife of Dubai is so entertaining. The nights here are one of the most enjoyable nights in the world.